Wildlife Programs

Keeper for a Day

Truly a day to remember for any animal lover! Keeper for a Day is an amazing experience that takes you behind the scenes into the daily lives of our keepers and gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to get really close to some of Taronga Zoo’s most popular animals.

Animal Training

You may have seen a seal clap, but do you know how it was trained? This training course gives you the opportunity to go behind the scenes to learn the tricks of the trade.

Animal First Aid

The Taronga Wildlife Hospital treats over 1200 injured or orphaned animals each year. Many of these animals are brought in by a caring member of the public. If you came across an injured animal, would you know what to do?

Photography Courses

If most of the settings on your digital SLR are a mystery to you, this course will help you get the most of your camera while snapping the photogenic scenery at Taronga Zoo.