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Wildlife Hospital Tour

Where does a seal go when it's found washed up on a beach? Where would you send a lion for root canal therapy?

The Experience:

Join us to find out in this incredible peek into the workings of our world-class wildlife veterinary hospital. Taronga was the first zoo in Australia to have a purpose built veterinary facility, and the first to employ a full time vet. Our staff regularly treat sick and injured wildlife brought to us by the public. However there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes than you can ever imagine!

Ideal for:

Visitors seeking to get an exclusive peak behind the scenes and to learn more about how we treat a chimp with the flu, where we prepare meals for our patients, why we quarantine animals and how we rehabilitate the sick and injured.


  • Small, personalised group
  • Visitors get behind the scenes


Tickets are $39.95 per person for a one hour experience (available for ages 12 and over) and can be purchased from the zoo shop. Special group rates may apply, please ask in-store for details but please note that prices do not include admission to Taronga Zoo.

Tour Times:

This tour starts at1:00pm. Please call (02) 9978 4743 for available days.


Bookings and enquires can be made by calling (02) 9978 4743 or by email.