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Sadly one of the chicks didn’t make it past the very difficult first few weeks, but the other two are getting stronger and fluffier each day. They have passed that awkward, baby bird stage, and have turned into little, fluffy chicks with long, pale pink legs. They are beige with lovely dark brown spots, and short, fuzzy wings. Amazing to think they will grow into those graceful, black-and-white birds you often see near water. They are being raised off display, with their parents, and gobbling down a yummy diet of flies and mealworms!

"They’re doing really well, but remain quite shy. Whenever someone comes near the aviary they run to their parents or hide in the long grass," said Senior Bird Keeper, Michael Shiels.

When Mum and I go to a lake or saltwater marshes, we often see Black-winged Stilts foraging in the mud for tiny water insects or shellfish. Next time you go to the seaside or river, see if you can spot some.