In the Northern Territory, the Cane Toad has caused lots of animals to come close to extinction. The Cane Toad has a poison that comes out of their skin. It protects the toad but makes any animals that try to eat it sick and even die sometimes.

Scientists have learnt that three species of lizards that used to be very common along river systems have suffered the most. Scientists are trapping and watching out for these lizards now and even taking tests and blood samples from them so, that if the toads really wipe them all out, they will have some of these cool lizards for zoos in the future!

Cane Toads were deliberately brought to Australia but animals we have as pets can do just as much damage to our wildlife. Please be sure to keep your cats, dogs and other pets in at night, and if you can't care for your pet, find it a new home so it won't stray and kill wildlife. If you find sick or injured native animals, contact a wildlife rescue organisation or Taronga Wildlife Hospital.