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Nupela is the first Tree Kangaroo born at Taronga for 20 years! Her mother Kwikila came from the Belfast Zoo in January last year, and mated successfully with Parum, the zoo’s resident male. Nupela was born in September, but stayed in her mother’s pouch until March when she emerged into the light.  

You can see it all on the video below.

"Keen-eyed visitors will be able to spot the joey when it pokes its head out of its mother’s pouch during the day," said Keeper, Sam Bennett. "Guests at the top cafe get a great view of Kwikila, as she loves hanging out high in the trees and is not shy about showing off her little one to the public."

Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroos live in Papua New Guinea, where they are endangered. They are a deep brown colour with golden yellow limbs and a long, mottled yellow and brown tail. They live in trees, and can easily hop up the branches or jump 10 metres on to the ground.