Hey girl how 'bout I Zoo Keep your number #VDayPunOff https://t.co/2Q0OId19zw
"Please date me the Penguish is too much!" #VDayPunOff https://t.co/YdOjuXgIcV
Our Gorilla is single but he doesn't seem to carrot all #VDayPunOff https://t.co/5L2vYWpO00
Great to see the pangolin getting some Valentine's Day love in today's #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/bTVS0a1j2D
These two have tortoise a lesson in love today #vdaypunoff https://t.co/4IttepL28O
Zoo had me at hello ❤️ #VDayPunOff https://t.co/c9RY1B9JC7