It's national #waterweek! Did you know 1,825 litres of water is used in the production of the plastic water bottles (that’s 7300 cups)?
Announcing further breeding success for our Tasmanian Devil conservation program in Dubbo, with four joeys born
Help Taronga Western Plains Zoo name their Hippo calf, provide name suggestions on Zoo's facebook page
Did you know plastic bottles take over 1,000 years to biodegrade? Take the pledge to drink Tap during #WaterWeek
RT @Macquarie_Uni: Video: #Sharks chilling with their mates. New research with @tarongazoo has found sharks like to buddy up
It's breakfast time for our otters, Houdini and Soa!
There are about 10,000 feathers on a Little Penguin. See the Penguin Talk daily at 2:40pm during #TarongaBirdFestival
RT @Macquarie_Uni: #Sharks have 'friends' + congregate together, say our researchers + team @tarongazoo. @ABCnews posted a video: http://t.…
@Hufflepuffxo November but you can register your interest now by emailing :)
It's #waterweek! Did you know one year’s consumption of tap water is the equivalent cost of one 600ml bottle of water? @SydneyWaterNews