This photo shows the different sizes of the Galapagos Tortoise. The little ones in the front (the new hatchlings) are four months old and weigh about 35 grams. The slightly bigger one, called NJ, is three years old, and now weighs a bit over a kilo. And the huge one in the back is full-grown, and weighs as much as a car! The babies take 20-25 years to reach their full size, and may live up to 150 years! It is not possible to tell if a tortoise is male or female until it is five years old. 

"Like adult Galapagos Tortoise, the hatchlings respond to bright coloured foods such as hibiscus and rose petals, but they also enjoy small amounts of green vegetables and browse," said supervisor Jennifer Conaghan. "At present the hatchlings are being kept in an off-display area that is temperature controlled to ensure optimum conditions for them, and they spend some time out in the sun with their keepers each day."