We’re For Rhinos

Taronga Western Plains Zoo holds one of the most significant groups of rhinos in the world. We have 15 rhinos – including Black, Greater One-Horned and White Rhinos – and our expertise in managing these species means we’re now playing a leading role in their conservation worldwide.

Meet Bakhita and Kufara

Back in 1992 Taronga launched its Black Rhino breeding program. Six female rhinos are air-lifted from Zimbabwe to form a zoo-based insurance population. In 1996 breeding males arrive from the USA.

In 2002 Bakhita our first female calf was born. Bakhita has grown into a strong and confident lady. On 17th February 2010 Bakhita gives birth to female calf, Kufara, representing the second generation born to Taronga’s Black Rhino breeding program. Kufara weighed in at approximately 30kg. Kufara has grown steadily both in size and personality. Kufara has definitely taken on the personality of both parents, with her mother’s confidence and her father’s gentle nature.

Now is your opportunity to support Bakhita and Kufara through your sponsorship of a sculpture.