LOT #02 : Samantha Chin : My Rhino's Keeper


Samantha Chin


My Rhino's Keeper

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Rhino Sculpture Location

Martin Place, corner Macquarie Street 

Rhino Inspiration

The rhino I have designed will incorporate many common tattoo designs as to create an abstract tattoo distinction in one’s mind. It will use common designs such as the Japanese Koi fish, the Dragon, the Sparrows, the Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ skull, the traditional mum/heart tattoo and many script tattoos. 

Artist statement

Originally from Sydney's Inner South West, Samantha Helen Chin grew up with creativity in her blood. Sam was told fabulous stories about the black and white pictures her Grandpa photographed, and how Grandma used to create clothes out of anything she could get her hands on.

Her early career had her working in the ruthless fashion industry, where she then went on to stretch her skills in the Graphic Design industry where she created designs for some of Australia's leading retailers.

More recently Sam has spent her time illustrating her way across the United States of America. Now settled back home, she is focussing her time on her art and tattoo career where she one day plans on putting her art work on walking, breathing, human canvas.

Sculpture Details

Type : Large (adult)

Measurements : 1340mm (h) x 2250mm (l) x 800mm (w)

Weight : Approximately 60Kg