LOT #37 : Jodee Knowles : Look into my Eyes


Jodee Knowles


Look into my Eyes

Proudly Sponsored By:

 The Star

Rhino Sculpture Location:

The Star, Pyrmont 

Rhino Inspiration:

My main focus in my works are the eyes and thought it fitting to have them as a pattern based concept for the Rhino design. This project is to help the conservation of the Rhino and what better way to open peoples eyes with such a pattern!

Artist statement:

My work is heavily based on the human condition and the emotional state of mind that makes or breaks a happy existence. 
My portraits are a reflection of ones memories and expectations, in which the concept of an intoxicating other is celebrated or hated by thematically dealing with the feeling of being torn between addiction and satisfaction - between excess and boredom.

Sculpture Details

Type : Large (adult)

Measurements : 1340mm (h) x 2250mm (l) x 800mm (w)

Weight : Approximately 60Kg