LOT #06 : Adair Imrie : Geometry and the Rhino
Adair Imrie : Geometry and the Rhino


Adair Barbara Imrie


Geometry and the Rhino

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Rhino Sculpture Location


Rhino Inspiration

I am interested in exploring the natural world and geometry. I am passionate about Science and Nature. A great deal of current research separates the scientific mind from the creative mind. I have set out to create a Rhino that unifies these apparent opposites of thought. This may metaphorically unify the community into action for these great mammals.

Artist statement

Adair Imrie, Australian visual artist and graduate of the National Art School in Sydney. Adair uses print making as her primary medium, including the crafts of etching and silk-screen printing.

Adair has recently returned from a tour of Europe, where she lived and exhibited in Berlin, Germany. An emerging artist, Adair has already completed a series of international residencies and exhibitions, as well as being a young recipient of The Australia Council's Artstart Grant.

Sculpture Details

Type : Large (adult)

Measurements : 1340mm (h) x 2250mm (l) x 800mm (w)

Weight : Approximately 60Kg