LOT #08 : Lynley Kirkness : All Patched Up


Lynley Kirkness


All Patched Up

Proudly Sponsored By:

Bench International

Rhino Sculpture Location:

Hyde Park North
(near Fountains), Sydney, NSW 2000

Rhino Inspiration:

My idea grew from my frustration with people only patching one small problem at a time instead of looking at the big picture about solving our animal and environmental issues. It also represents the patchwork of animal DNA needed to bring back species from extinction like the project to bring back the thylacine and I hope the rhino does not end up one species future generations have to try and 'bring back' from extinction.

Artist statement

Lynley started sculpting at age 4 and has always had a love of animals which were the subject for most of her art. In high school she discovered her love for drawing and painting, after school she joined a local theatre group (GMS) an used all her new skills to work on musical productions. After all this practice and the work, she gained acceptance to NIDA and trained for a year in the Props Department then gained work on films at Fox Studio and professional theatre in Newcastle.

Since starting a family she has worked at Bunnings and kept up her skills with her local theatre group Gosford Musical Society and still has and loves animals of all types.

Sculpture Details

Type : Large (adult)

Measurements : 1340mm (h) x 2250mm (l) x 800mm (w)

Weight : Approximately 60Kg