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Stage 2-3 Wiradjuri Wanderings

Outcomes: HT2-1, HT2-2, HT2-4, HT2-5

Integrates with: Science and Geography

At School

Before coming to the Zoo identify the Aboriginal people from your local area and the language they spoke. Research the many Aboriginal and Torres Strait nations throughout Australia and the similarities and differences. 

 At the Zoo

Explore Taronga’s homage to the traditional owners of this site through the Wiradjuri  interpretation within the Zoo.

Early Stage 1 - Stage 1: Dreaming and Living on the Land

Outcomes: HTE-1, HT1-1 HT1-2, HT1-4,

Integrates with: Science

At School 

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders have lived in Australia for thousands of years; discuss Aboriginal words from the local area and how some of our animals and suburbs and their Aboriginal meanings.
  • There are many Aboriginal languages spoken throughout Australia. Look at the Aboriginal Language map on ABC online -and discuss all of the various languages. Discuss the local language of your local area.
Zoo wins at the NSW Toursim Awards
Taronga Western Plains Zoo has won the NSW Tourism Awards for Best Tourist Attraction and Unique Accommodation at the NSW Tourism Awards gala ceremony held in Sydney on Thursday 27 November 2014.