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Early Stage 1 - Stage 1: Dreaming and Living on the Land


ES1: ENe-10C, ENe-11D, HTe-1

Stage 1: EN1-10C, EN1-11D, HT1-1 HT1-2, HT1-4

Learning Across the Curriculum: Sustainability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures

Integrates with: Science

At School

Indigenous Australia is made up of many different nations, learn about your local Aboriginal community and life in the past. Read Dreaming stories about animals you may see at the Zoo.

Taronga Zoo is celebrating its first successful birth of a Ghost Bat pup in 15 years.
What!?!? I'm not playing...I'm testing the fun factor. Wind-Up Dinosaur toys are always fun...especially to race.
The Chimpanzee Sanctuary here at Taronga Zoo is becoming something that closely resembles a day-care centre.
Macca and Chuck
We have just begun a big season of bird breeding at Taronga Zoo, with many of our species starting to reproduce at this time of year.
Dinosaurs are classified as reptiles, but they have many features that are not found in any living reptile today!