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Student Molly Beatson meets Taronga's Yellow-bellied Glider joey, Fergus
Project Yellow-bellied Glider has been a journey of amazing science, leadership, Aboriginal and conservation learning experiences for 150 school students in the Gosford region.
Brazilian Tapir, Tiquie gets a pampering
Dry skin in winter is a problem for people and Taronga Zoo’s Brazilian Tapir, ‘Tiquie’, who relies on a daily pampering to keep her skin and hair healthy.
Young Squirrel Monkey
Our two infant Squirrel Monkeys are now just over 3 1/2 months old, and growing up fast.
Andean Condor
Daily 2:00 pm - 2:10 pm Until Friday 31st October 2014
Daily 2pm – duration 10 minutes (Between 29 September and 31 October 2014) Andean Condors have an impressive wing span that can stretch more than 3 metres, allowing them to travel more than 200km per day in search of food. Learn from our bird keepers about the fascinating life of Andean Condors and other birds of prey.
King Parrot
Daily 1:45 pm - 2:00 pm Until Friday 31st October 2014
Daily 1.45pm – duration 15 minutes (Between 29 September and 31 October 2014) Rainforests are peaceful, diverse and pristine habitats and are home to many species of birds. Join a Bird Keeper on a tour through Taronga Zoo’s Rainforest Aviary and witness the vast array of birds and identify their unique calls.