In July 2016, Cameron Kerr, Taronga Director and CEO will be taking a group of CEO’s to visit Way Kambas National Park as part of a Fundraising initiative to raise funds and awareness of the plight facing wildlife such as the Sumatran Rhino, Elephant, Sun Bear and Tiger in the wild.  The team of 10 have been set the challenge to raise a minimum of $100,000 to support the work in Sumatra.  As part of the 5 day trip CEO’s will work with the Wildlife Protection Units, setting  camera traps, planting trees and carrying out patrols as well as spending nights camping in the National Park.  

“This adventure is a rare chance to visit Sumatra at a pivotal time in the eco-history of this remarkable island and directly support conservation at the same time.”
– Cameron Kerr

If you are interested in joining Cameron on the Sumatran trip then please send an email to Taronga Foundation.

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