The last elephant ride was given in 1976, but for many Sydney-siders, an elephant ride is a powerful and fond memory. Elephant rides were a feature at Moore Park and Taronga zoos, where favourites like Jessie and Jumbo carried up to 10 people at a time.
Elephant Ride
Sydney's much-heralded Taronga Park Zoo, as it was then called,  was officially opened on 7 October 1916.
Taronga Zoo officially opened 7 October 1916
Opening day 7 October 1916
Opening Day 7 October 1916
The Aquarium opened 19 July 1927
1940s Official Illustrated Guide to Taronga Park Zoo and Aquarium Sydney, N.S.W.
1940s Official Illustrated Guidebook
Western Plains Zoo opened to the public on 28th February 1977 and was the first zoo in Australia to be constructed on the open range principle.
1977 Western Plains Zoo opens
In 1989 Taronga becomes a founding member of the International Rhino Foundation to assist with in-situ breeding programs and anti-poaching operations to conserve viable populations of rhino in the wild. Photo: Mark James
1989 International Rhino Foundation
Sir David Attenborough visits Taronga Zoo 13 October 2003
2003 Sir David Attenborough
Taronga announces a five year partnership with Jane Goodall to expand the Tchimpounga Rehabilitation Centre in the Congo, which cares for over 140 rescued or orphaned Chimpanzees that have been saved from the pet and bush meat trades.
2011 Dr Jane Goodall
Their Royal Highnessess, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were introduced to some of Australia’s unique and endangered wildlife at Taronga Zoo, officially opening the Zoo’s new Bilby exhibit named in honour of their son, Prince George.
2014 A Royal Visit
Luk Chai was the first elephant calf ever to be born in Australia. His birth heralded a significant step forward in our regions effort to conserve the Asian Elephant as this species is endangered in the wild and faces an uncertain future.
2009 Asian Elephant Calf Born
Chilean Flamingo at Taronga Zoo in 1982
1982 Chilean Flamingo