For Corroboree Frogs

Tiny creatures well known for their striking appearance, Corroboree frogs are found only in a small area of the beautiful Kosciuszko National Park and adjacent ranges. They have suffered an alarming decline as a result of chytrid fungus, and now there are as few as 50 left in the world. These little amphibians need our help to have a chance of surviving in the wild. 

For Corroboree Frogs, for the next 10 years

Taronga is committed to saving this striking frog through our large research and breeding program. We have already successfully released hundreds of frogs and thousands of eggs to prevent the extinction of this species and increase their wild population.

Fundraise for Frogs

Fundraise for Frogs

Whether you're a runner or enjoy cooking up a storm you can help us breed threatened species, protect their genetic diversity and even re-introduce them to the wild.

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