For Marine Turtles

Australians love the great outdoors and we save a special place in our hearts for our oceans. From surf beaches to spectacular coral reefs, Australian oceans also provide life support for the adventurous and engineering marine turtle which has been living in our waters for as long as 100 million years.

Six out of seven of the world’s Marine Turtle species live in Australian waters, and they play a vital role in maintaining the health of our precious oceans. But all seven species will be impacted by rising sea levels and warmer nesting beach temperatures caused by climate change.

Despite it seeming like an endless ocean, marine debris is also tarnishing our pristine beaches and waterways and we now estimate that third of all marine turtles have eaten plastic.

Marine Turtles – who love to eat jellyfish – also mistake rubbish like plastic bags, and balloons for food, often with fatal consequences. This has led to a dramatic reduction in turtle numbers. Without our help, turtles are in trouble.

For Marine Turtles, for the next 10 years

Taronga is committed to keeping our oceans plastic free, by encouraging our community to choose reusable alternatives to single use plastics.

Taronga’s Wildlife Hospital will continue to treat and rehabilitate injured Marine Turtles. Our scientific research commitments include tracking and monitoring them after they’re released through our satellite tracking program.