For Sumatran Tigers

Indonesia has some of the last remaining tropical forests on earth, home to the beautiful Sumatran Tiger. They have lived exclusively, for over a million years, in the once extensive humid tropical jungles of the island of Sumatra. Yet, with as few as 400 left in the wild, this species is in real danger of disappearing forever.

Rainforests around the world have experienced devastating losses, being cleared to make way for ever-expanding unsustainable oil palm plantations, particularly in Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. Poaching is also a threat to the Sumatran Tiger, which is illegally hunted in the wild for its skin and body parts.

We all know the importance of using environmentally-sustainable products and palm oil is no different. The oil itself is not the problem – the problem lies with how and where it has been produced.

If it’s grown sustainably, palm oil production can benefit local communities, and help to protect valuable species and forests. Certified Sustainable Palm Oil is oil that comes from plantations that have been independently certified as meeting the standards of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

You have the power to make a better choice to save tigers - when you shop, choose products containing Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.

Other projects Taronga is supporting

Taronga is working with a partner in Bukit Tigapuluh National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia. We help fund wildlife protection units which recorded 128 incidents of illegal activity such as land clearing, illegal logging and poaching in 2015. These teams are supported by local police. Based on advice from the wildlife protection unit, the police were able to close down a syndicate attempting to sell a tiger skin.    

Sumatran Tigers and Sumatran Rhinoceros often share the same habitat. Our partnerships in Sumatra which focus on rhinos benefit Sumatran Tigers at the same time. Looking after and protecting habitat involves looking after all species within that system, both plants and animals. 

For Sumatran Tigers, for the next 10 years

Taronga is committed to saving the Sumatran Tiger by supporting Wildlife Protection Units in Sumatra to create a safe and secure wild home; working with local communities to improve sustainable living practices and engage them in tiger conservation; and maintaining an insurance population of Sumatran Tigers through participation in the global breeding program. Taronga is also working in partnership with TRAFFIC to combat illegal wildlife trade through our Wildlife Witness app and by funding a Wildlife Crime Analyst in TRAFFIC’s office.

Raise Your Palm

Raise Your Palm

We all know the importance of using environmentally-sustainable products, and palm oil is no different. If it’s grown sustainably, palm oil can help protect valuable species and forests.

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