For Sun Bears

Sun Bears are the smallest of all the bears in the world, but despite their size they’re strong and can run amazingly fast. They help provide habitat for other species, creating hollows by tearing open trees in search of termites and dispersing seeds by feeding on a wide variety of fruits. Once widespread throughout lowland forests of South East Asia, today Sun Bears habitat is shrinking and their numbers declining.

In addition to loss of habitat, Sun Bears are threatened by illegal wildlife trade, with their body parts in demand for traditional medicines and food. During 2000-2011 over 6000 bear paws were seized, equating to at least 1500 individual bears.

For Sun Bears, for the next 10 years

Taronga has committed to protecting Sun Bears in the wild by supporting Wildlife Protection Units in Sumatra, and by working in partnership with TRAFFIC to combat illegal wildlife trade through our Wildlife Witness app and by funding a Wildlife Crime Analyst in TRAFFIC’s office.