Jantan and Willow

Taronga is home to two Orang-utans; Willow ,our female and Jantan, our male.

The two are inseparable. Sharing their night dens, outdoor yards, food and climbing platforms with no sign of anxiety or aggression. In fact, at the slightest hint that their keeper is going to separate them they cling to one another, letting us know loud and clear that this situation is to remain permanent.

Jantan, our male, is very outgoing and playful and is constantly seeking the keeper’s attention to play games. Some of his favourites are ‘let's poke a stick at the keeper’, pulling funny faces and generally being a happy-go-lucky boy.

Willow, our female, seems to be happy hanging out on her own. She occasionally gets a bit silly and rolls around playing games and tries to get keepers involved in her antics.  Her favourite trick, however, is to sit underneath slides so the keepers can’t close them to do the cleaning.  Frustrating for the keepers but apparently it’s something Willow enjoys!