Zoo Adventures - Sydney

School holiday program

Zoo Adventures is a school holiday program for children between the ages of 5-10. Children experience the sights and sounds of the Zoo while also enjoying some of our keeper talks and shows.

Each day has a theme and children will join in lots of fun activites including arts and crafts. Some of our animal themes from the last holidays include 'Nocturnal Neighbours', 'The Battle for Birds', and 'Rocking Reptiles'. 


The booking form for the Autumn School Holidays will be online one month prior to school holidays. Please note that all bookings can only be secured through the submission of a booking form. Bookings can not be made over the phone.

If you have any questions, please email education@zoo.nsw.gov.au

Please see below for our Frequently Asked Questions.


Week 1 – This school holidays we celebrate Easter at the Zoo! Come with us as we adventure every day and learn about the natural world and the part we play within it.  Every day will include, Sky Safari, educational activities and games, craft as well as a show, animal encounters, ‘Meet a Keeper’ experience and an awesome photo keepsake of an action packed Zoo Adventures day.  We hope your Adventurer has enough energy to keep up with the action!



 14th April



Giants of Africa - Giraffes

We travel from Australia to Africa today to look at the tallest living land animal, the Giraffe, of course!  We will learn all about Giraffes and the animals they share the African plains with. We will meet a Keeper and learn how they work with the animals in their care as well as visiting other African herbivores at the Zoo. The Bird Show will be seen today along with craft, games and activities to keep Zoo Adventurers entertained all day.



15th April



Splish Splash – Great Southern Oceans 

Splish Splash I was taking a bath!  Get ready to get wet as we take you to the Seal Show today.  Lets’ explore the underwater world our Marine mammals call home and talk to the trainers about our seals.  We will also learn what we can do to help care for our sea faring friends.



16th April



Crazy Capers - Chimpanzees

Why is a monkey different to an ape? Find out when we visit our primates today!  From peaceful Spider Monkeys and Gorillas, graceful Orang-utans to tree-dwelling Gibbons and Languor, and of course the crazy capers of our Chimpanzees, we have many primates to see today.  We will meet a Keeper and learn how they work with the animals in their care, enjoy the Free Flight Bird Show, and have enough games and activities for even the most energetic Zoo Adventurers!



17th April





Down on the Farm – Backyard to Bush / Kids Zoo

Old Macdonald has a farm and we have too! Come and explore life on the farm today at Backyard to Bush.  We will learn how the farm works, what animals live there and we can play in Kids Zoo too! The Seal Show will be seen today along with craft, games, activities and encounters to keep Zoo Adventurers entertained all day.



18th April




Week 2


21st  April




22nd April


Snakes Alive! - Reptiles


What do snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles and crocodiles all have in common? They are all reptiles! Let’s meet some of these reptilian friends and talk to the Keepers about how they care for all these different animals in a day of slimy, scaly, slithery adventure! Bird Show will be seen today as well.


23rd April


African Wild Safari – Carnivores/Meerkats

Hakuna Matata! Let’s step into the world of the Lion King today and go on a Wild African Safari.  We will look at the animals that call Africa home and help the keepers by making enrichment to give to our cute, cheeky Meerkats. Seal Show is a must today too!


24th April


Our Fine Feathered Friends – QBE Free Flight Bird Show

Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away! Let’s explore training and free flight today.  How does the Bird Show work? Why don’t the birds just fly away? We will walk through the different bird habitats in the Zoo today and also meet some feathered friends along the way!


25th April