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Giraffe Closeup Western Plains Zoo

Taronga Western Plains Zoo, $49.7 million revitalisation program:

1. African Waterhole and Overlook Cafe

The waterhole site gives visitors the opportunity to interact with mischievous meerkats and includes a children's interactive water play area, picnic spot and African-themed cafe.

2. Lion Lookout

A spacious African Lion savannah combining expansive views of the pride with unique close-up encounter areas, as well as key breeding facilities.

3. Giraffe Trail

A memorable experience that will enable visitors to be surrounded by the Giraffe herd. There will also be a trail to the new Giraffe barn where visitors can encounter giraffes up-close.

4. African Savannah Safari

A new safari vehicle tour of the savannah exhibit amongst majestic Giraffe, as well as Zebras and Rhinos.

5. Asian Forest Adventure

A redevelopment of the Zoo's beautiful Asian-themed forest with Sumatran Tigers, fascinating Siamangs and otters, this adventure includes a fun water-based experience for visitors.

6. Elephant Sanctuary

Expanded capacity for the care of Asian Elephants, including the development of a further Elephant Barn, pond and related facilities to support the future requirements of the breeding program.

7. Wildlife Hospital and Veterinary Facility

State-of-the-art upgrades to the Wildlife Hospital and wildlife clinic to continue the excellence of zoo animal care and wildlife rehabilitation.

8. The Wild Herds

Visitors can experience the majesty of a large, mixed deer and antelope herd ranging across the savannah. This exhibit also provides an area where visitors can encounter and feed smaller deer.

9. Outdoor learning environment

The Education Centre will be upgraded including an outdoor education space, increased off-exhibit animal facilities and educational and interpretive experiences.

10. Visitor Circulation

Improvements to the zoo circuit for cars, bicycles, walking routes and tours that will optimise the range of unique safari experiences.