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New Tiger Trek Experience Now Open

Taronga Zoo Sydney's new Tiger Trek experience is now open.

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Ahead of Taronga's Centenary celebrations, construction commenced on a new Sumatran Tiger experience, Tiger Trek, which is now open to the public.

While construction was taking place, Taronga Zoo's female Sumatran Tigers, mother, Jumilah, and juveniles, Kembali and Kartika, were moved to Taronga Western Plains Zoo until completion of the new exhibit. They joined Taronga's young male tiger Sakti, who moved there earlier in the year.

As part of the development of the new tiger habitat, the living area for the Sumatran Tigers has been increase three fold and visitors will be able to view the tigers from various points including a themed ranger outpost. The tigers will have a magnificent old fig tree to climb that will be contained within their exhibit and they’ll be able to safely explore their areas at night. There will also be an enhanced tiger breeding complex including maternity den to support the Zoo’s breeding program.

The experience will be an Indonesian-themed exhibit where visitors will be ‘transported’ to Way Kambas National Park in Sumatra and see the impact of deforestation firsthand. There will be a rainforest trail, a smart mobile app for families, identification charts and an interactive experience that will show visitors how to take real action to help preserve Sumatran Tigers. The experience will be immersive and educational, with the aim of creating a lasting memory of the issues that threaten the Sumatran Tigers’ survival and inspiring changes to attitudes and behaviours around making sustainable product choices and supporting conservation efforts.