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Today, over 150,000 students participate in Taronga education programs including more than 100,000 students whose experience includes a visit to Taronga Zoo. Taronga also has the largest zoo-based conservation science team in Australia and works in close partnership with Government agencies and the international zoo and conservation community to protect our natural environment.

Located on the site of the current Education Centre, the Taronga Institute of Science and Learning will have:

  • Classrooms and lecture rooms for teaching students on the ground level with localized exhibits for animals
  • Laboratories and research facilities on the lower ground floor level, and
  • Open offices for life science, HR and education on the first floor level as currently located at the Education Centre.

The existing lecture theatre and wildlife encounter experience area for students will be retained and upgraded. The existing courtyard will also be revitalised for improved recreational use for students and staff.

In line with the current ZooSnooz overnight ‘sleepover’ program for school children, there will be provisions in the ground floor level classrooms to provide a unique opportunity for school students to sleep over at the Zoo. There will be the additional opportunity to experience the wildlife of the Zoo with a behind-the-scene tour and observe and learn about animal behaviour during the evening hours.

Unique in the Southern Hemisphere, the Taronga Institute will build on Taronga’s existing strengths in research and education and increase its capacity to help secure a shared future for wildlife and people.

The Taronga Institute is scheduled to open in 2018.

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As a leader in conservation, Taronga has a strong commitment to research and a responsibility to engage and inspire future generations to become champions for wildlife.