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A career at Taronga offers you interesting challenges and exciting rewards as well as the opportunity to make a difference to wildlife conservation. We employ people who are committed to providing the highest standard of service to our visitors and quality care for our animals. We are an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer and foster diversity in the workplace.

Here’s a look at just a few of the jobs we offer:

Wildlife Pathologist Content Image


At Taronga Conservation Society Australia, our research team actively contributes to the preservation of endangered species and the conservation and management of wildlife. Our research helps to improve the management of primary threats processes to wildlife such as disease, climate change and ecosystem degradation.

“What a fantastic job – I come to work each day and apply science towards species survival and biodiversity protection.” Karrie Rose, Wildlife Pathology.

Jobs at the Zoo - Nardi Simpson, Education Officer

Education Officer

We have a fantastic team of educators that engage and positively influence the attitudes of people of all ages. Their ultimate goal is to create greater knowledge, influence attitudes and behaviour to benefit the environment and wildlife. The team co-ordinate and deliver a range of programs including hands-on workshops, twilight and overnight tours, in situ education programs, youth volunteer programs and indigenous education programs. 

“This is far more than a job for me. Every day I travel across the harbour from Gadigal into Cammeraigal country and learn and interact with animals, land and our environment. I am continuing something that has been in my family for thousands of years.” Nardi Simpson Education Officer – Aboriginal Project Co-ordinator.

Senior Veterinarian


Taronga’s vets play a very important role at the Zoo as they are responsible for maintaining the health and welfare of all animals. The vets design and maintain preventative medicine programs for the animals as well as respond to the day-to-day clinical emergency care of sick or injured animals and native wildlife. As leaders in their industry, the vets also provide expert advice and contribute to internal and external research projects.

“What I enjoy most about my work is the incredible variety of species I work and the amazing opportunities I have in this job. Knowing that every day that I go to work I am contributing to conservation of endangered species and improving the welfare of animals is also very rewarding.”Larry Vogelnest, Senior Veterinarian.


Guest Services Officers Content Image

Guest Services Officer

With a major focus on customer service, the guest services officers are responsible for constantly providing updated information and assistance to Taronga’s visitors. This role provides ‘meet and greet’ services to visitors at Zoo entrances and continues to provide guidance to visitors throughout the Zoo and during daily shows and keeper talks.

“We love being able to provide a great experience for our guests and to ensure they enjoy the Zoo environment as much as we do.” Bec Jones and Christiana Willenborg, Guest Services Officers.

So, you want to be a Zoo Keeper!

So, you want to be a Zoo Keeper!
Zoo keeping is the most famous zoo job, but there is more to this role than caring for animals – you’ll need qualifications, experience and the ability to handle visitors too!

Working at the Zoo is so much more than just a job!

Working at the Zoo is so much more than just a job!
Taronga is a unique place to work, offering employees amazing experiences and the opportunity to help wildlife. Find out more about working as part of the NSW government.