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Mural by Nathan Peckham
Mural by Nathan Peckham representing complex story of Tubba-gah County over time.


Collaborating Artist Nathan Peckham has this to say about the mural:

‘Our culture is as diverse as it is old. It has a complex history with a simple logic and hopeful future. Yet there is a sense of arrogance in what I am trying to achieve. Capture the essence of an ancient culture on historic land! How dare I?

All that is possible is to share with you, what I see with my heart and feel in my spirit...

I need to share with you and teach you of the beauty our culture possesses, for it is also yours.

I close my eyes and all these things I see before me.

Our dances and songs,
Our customs and knowledge.

Our language and thoughts,
Our affinity with the land and its animals.

Our family structures and tribal order,
Our humour and sorrow.

Our beliefs and lore,
Our sense of respect and discipline.

Our love and our loyalty,
All of this we learn to teach.

I close my eyes and all these things I see before me.

Earth and ochre, charcoal and chalk,
We paint on bark and stone.

Sand and soil, salt and clay,
Snow falls on desert land

Both dry and green, the scent of leaves,
The smoke from a fire and smell of its meal.

I close my eyes and all these things I see before me.

Mountains roll into plains and rivers to lakes,
Lightning spawns thunder while spirits dance for a second in the dust.

Whispers carry on warm winds,

Holding the seeds that will one day divide seeds of their own.

The knowledge in raindrops and footprints alike,
Are cast over by a thousand stories told in the night sky.

Open your eyes, now what do you see before you?’

- Nathan Peckham, 2010