Our role in conservation is to create direct and positive connections between wildlife and people. We protect endangered species, increase understanding of wildlife and inspire community action.
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Little Penguins, Audrey and Clover
Monday 17th March 2014
They arrived at Taronga Wildlife Hospital separately, but two Little Penguins are preparing to return to the wild together this week.
Squirrel Monkey
Monday 17th March 2014
Taronga Zoo has recently received 12 female Squirrel Monkeys from a Zoo in France.
A female feathertail glider with two little joeys
Friday 14th March 2014
Keepers carried out a full census of Taronga’s feathertail glider collection last month and were delighted to see our successful breeding colony is going strong!
Taronga's Seal Show stars are taking a few days off and are currently on display
Monday 10th March 2014
This week will see a fur seal invasion of Taronga’s Great Southern Oceans’ Seal Cove exhibit!
Taronga's Andean Condor chick at 3 months
Thursday 27th February 2014
When we last checked in with our Andean Condor chick, she weighed 3600 grams at just under two months. Now after three months, she is an incredible 6280 grams!
One of our Little Penguin chicks
Tuesday 25th February 2014
The final chick for Taronga Zoo’s 2013-2014 Little Penguin breeding season is in our crèche learning to hand feed, making a total of 20 for the season!
Tortuga the koala
Monday 10th February 2014
He may be missing an eye, but that hasn’t hurt Tortuga’s appeal with zoo visitors.
Bird keeper Erin weighs the Andean Condor chick
Thursday 30th January 2014
As Piglet from ‘Winnie the Pooh’ once said, “It’s hard to be brave when you’re only a very small animal”. But every chick, no matter how big or small, eventually has to leave the nest and for our yet-to-be-named Andean Condor chick, it appears that time is now.
Sule on babysitting duty with little Fumo. Photo by Tracey Dierikx
Wednesday 29th January 2014
There’s been no shortage of activity and excitement in Taronga Zoo’s Chimpanzee Sanctuary over the past few weeks.
Monday 30th December 2013
Taronga Zoo has become a hugely popular vantage point to view Sydney’s spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks, but many visitors ask what happens to our animals during the celebrations.