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Wednesday 10th March 2010
Despite overwhelming evidence that her first calf had not survived a protracted labour, Taronga’s Asian Elephant Porntip delivered a male calf alive at 3.27 am today.
Wednesday 10th March 2010
Taronga Zoo’s young male Asian Elephant calf born at 3.27 am this morning is showing some early encouraging signs including attempting to suckle from its mother, Porntip and meeting other herdmates.The Zoo’s Senior Veterinarian, Dr Larry Vogelnest said: “The calf has already had some contact with the other elephants in the herd, touching trunks with the older females and also the zoo’s first calf, Luk Chai, an eight-month old male.”
Monday 8th March 2010
Taronga staff were greatly saddened today when it was confirmed that the Zoo’s expected second Asian Elephant calf has not survived a difficult labour.
Friday 19th February 2010
Minister for Climate Change and the Environment, Frank Sartor, today announced the arrival of Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s third Giraffe calf in less than three months.
Tuesday 2nd February 2010
In an Australian first, two Loggerhead Turtles were fitted with satellite trackers at Taronga Zoo and released off the shores of Lord Howe Island in an attempt to unlock the migration secrets of this endangered marine animal.
Monday 1st February 2010
Wild Regent Honeyeaters, Asian Elephants and Orang-utans are among more than 70 species to be supported by the Taronga Foundation Conservation Field Grants program just announced by the Zoo.
Friday 29th January 2010
The Minister for Climate Change and the Environment, Frank Sartor, today announced Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s first newborn for the year – a shy and long-legged Przewalski’s Horse foal.
Monday 25th January 2010
Google today announced that Taronga Zoo will be the first ‘off road’ location in Australia to be captured by Google Street View, via the new Street View Trike.
Saturday 16th January 2010
Taronga Conservation Society Australia is delighted to congratulate Melbourne Zoo on the successful arrival of Australia’s second Asian Elephant calf overnight.
Thursday 14th January 2010
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