Our role in conservation is to create direct and positive connections between wildlife and people. We protect endangered species, increase understanding of wildlife and inspire community action.
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Tuesday 7th April 2009
Taronga's last Chilean Flamingo passed away on April 3.
Friday 3rd April 2009
Taronga's male Asian Elephant Gung moved to his new custom built barn complex yesterday.
Friday 3rd April 2009
Taronga Zoo is celebrating the breeding success with the arrival of two Yellow-bellied Glider joeys, the largest of Australia’s unique gliding possums.The Zoo’s Australian Mammals keepers found the twin Yellow-bellied Gliders nestled safely in their parent’s nesting hollow.
Tuesday 24th March 2009
Keepers' hopes that the Zoo's critically endangered Francois Langur female was pregnant were confirmed last Thursday when a bright orange female infant was found in the exhibit.
Friday 20th March 2009
Two of Sydney's resident Little Penguins will today be released back into the open ocean after rest and care at Taronga’s Wildlife Hospital.
Thursday 19th March 2009
Taronga Western Plains Zoo is excited to announce the commencement of construction on a new children's playground that will see the current area transformed into a wild safari adventure playground over the coming months.
Wednesday 4th March 2009
Taronga Zoo has celebrated another conservation breeding success with the arrival of the 44th Red Panda cub in the Zoo’s breeding program.
Tuesday 24th February 2009
Zoo keepers have welcomed the arrival of two Sumatran Tigers who travelled from Victoria late last year to take up residency in Dubbo at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.
Friday 20th February 2009
Taronga Zoo is celebrating the birth of two Meerkat pups, the first to be born at the Zoo in nine years.
Friday 13th February 2009
During Darwin's Anniversary month and just in time for Valentine's Day, Taronga visitors can get in the mood for some animal attraction with a fascinating web lecture on the elaborate and sometimes deadly liaisons wildlife use to reproduce.