Our role in conservation is to create direct and positive connections between wildlife and people. We protect endangered species, increase understanding of wildlife and inspire community action.
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Friday 11th January 2013
Keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo are excited by the arrival of two Meerkat pups, born overnight on 15 December 2012.
Tuesday 8th January 2013
Summer is definitely being felt across Central Western NSW over the past week with temperatures over 35 degrees most days.
Tuesday 8th January 2013
Keepers at Taronga Zoo have been preparing cold treats to help the animals keep cool in the hot weather this week. Taronga’s African lion family were given an iceblock with a frozen milk substitute to help them cool down, the zebras were given iced carrot blocks and the Brazilian tapir ‘Tiquie’ enjoyed a cooling shower.
Thursday 20th December 2012
Taronga’s juvenile Andean Condor, is practicing to join the popular QBE Free Flight Bird Show, delighting Christmas holiday visitors to the Zoo.
Wednesday 19th December 2012
Environment Minister Robyn Parker announced today that Taronga would transfer six Tasmanian Devil joeys to Taronga Western Plains Zoo for the next phase of the Zoos’ breeding program.
Friday 14th December 2012
Many of Taronga’s animals’ amazing skills were on show today during a special environmental enrichment event with a Christmas theme.
Friday 16th November 2012
Remember listening to your favourite album over and over because you loved the songs so much... well, get ready, Sydney, because this summer we’ll be partying through four decades worth of chart-topping ‘Number One Albums’!
Thursday 1st November 2012
The computerised system of compressors that drives Taronga’s Dinosaurs in the Wild exhibit has been turned on, bringing 21 individual dinosaurs to life at the Zoo.
Wednesday 31st October 2012
Taronga Zoo’s elephant keeper Lucy Melo, who was injured 12 days ago, has made excellent progress in her recovery and was released from hospital last night. The zoo confirmed she was in good spirits and was commencing a period of rehabilitation.
Wednesday 24th October 2012
The family of Taronga Zoo keeper, Lucy Melo, told Zoo staff today that she is no longer on the critical list at Royal North Shore Hospital, although she remains in Intensive Care.