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Finance and Capital Works Committee 

Chair – Mr Richard Humphry AO. 
Monitors financial performance, including occupational health and safety, environment, human resource management and capital works programs. Consists of all Board Members.
Meets 6 times per year. 

Audit and Risk Committee (3)

Chair – Ms Nancy Fox.
Monitors and covers issues relating to internal control systems, risk management systems, financial reporting and other financial responsibilities. Consists of selected Board Members with representatives from the NSW Audit Office and independent auditors Ernst and Young.
Meets 3 times per year. 

Marketing Committee (6)

Chair – Mr Steven Crane.
Monitors all marketing activities including communications, Taronga Foundation, customer service and tourism development. Consists of selected Board Members.
Meets 6 times per year. 

Wildlife Conservation, Health and Welfare Committee (6)

Chair – Dr Kersti Seksel.
Monitors collection management, wildlife conservation, research and veterinary services.
Consists of selected Board members plus the following external contributors from appropriate specialist fields: 

  • Professor Chris Dickman
    (Professor, School of Biological Sciences, University of Sydney)
  • Professor Richard Kingsford
    (Professor, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental) Sciences, University of NSW
  • Mr Steve Coleman
    (Chief Executive Officer, RSPCA NSW)
  • Tshering O’Gorman
    (Independent representative)

Meets 6 times per year. 

Animal Ethics Committee (6) 

Statutory committee through which all research projects involving animal research must be approved. Constituted in accordance with the Animal Research Act 1985 and consists of the following representatives: 

  • Dr Rebecca Spindler, Chair (Researcher)
  • Dr Jo Wiszniewski (Researcher)
  • Dr Frances Hulst (Veterinarian)
  • Dr Benn Bryant (Veterinarian)
  • Ms Cecily Stuart-Prentice (Animal welfare representative)
  • Mr Tony Gregory (Animal welfare representative)
  • Justice Michael Foster QC (Independent representative)
  • Mr Harold Eagleton AM (Independent representative)

The Committee reviewed and approved 13 new applications, 14 renewal applications and 3 amendment applications in 2012/13.