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Taronga and Taronga Western Plains Zoos are operated by the Taronga Conservation Society Australia. The Zoological Parks Board Act of 1973 sets out the legislative requirements of Taronga, encompassing the following functions: 

  • carrying out research and breeding programs for the preservation of endangered species;
  • carrying out research programs for the conservation and management of other species;
  • conducting public education and awareness programs about species conservation and management; 
  • displaying animals for educational, cultural and recreational purposes. 

Taronga’s primary objectives are to facilitate visitor and community education, biological research and wildlife conservation. 

Taronga aims to maximise the visitor experience by providing a unique and exciting educational tour of each zoo with animals exhibited in an environment similar to their natural habitat. More than 1.7 million people have visited the zoos during the past 12 months. 

Education initiatives undertaken by Taronga primarily focus on public education in relation to the conservation of biodiversity leading to improved community awareness and activity. 

Taronga supports school education programs at Taronga and Taronga Western Plain Zoos where approximately 100,000 school children visit per annum and are tutored in environmental management and biodiversity. 

Taronga has an absolute commitment to the preservation and conservation of wildlife and demonstrates this commitment through ongoing captive breeding, education and research programs. 

Taronga Conservation Society Australia also works closely with other industry organisations and authorities, including: