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The Taronga Conservation Society Australia is a proud member of the Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA). 

ZAA (formally known as the Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria – ARAZPA) was established in 1990 to link zoos and aquariums in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific in a cooperative regional network for wildlife conservation. 

ZAA now links over 70 institutions, all working together to protect and conserve the world's wildlife. ZAA’s mission is: "To harness the collective resources of zoos and aquariums to conserve biodiversity in the natural environment". 

ZAA member institutions support the principles outlined in the World Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Strategy, and aim to further develop zoos and aquariums as centres of excellence in wildlife conservation, environmental education and research. 

Wildlife Conservation 

Under ZAA’s Australasian Species Management Program member institutions cooperate to plan and manage the populations of wildlife they hold in ways that improve their sustainability and their conservation value. 

ZAA’s Wildlife Conservation Fund provides critical funding to projects that aim to protect and conserve threatened species in the wild.   

Environmental Education

ZAA zoos and aquariums attract over 14 million visitors each year, and play a key role in: 

  • Engaging the community with the diversity of the world's wildlife; 
  • Communicating an understanding of the threats facing wildlife, and; 
  • Inspiring the community to act to protect our wildlife. 

Through its Education Advisory Group, ZAA manages a network of over 100 environmental educators throughout Australasia, and develops and provides a range of shared environmental education resources for zoos and aquariums. 


ZAA organises workshops, meetings and conferences for zoo and aquarium specialists. 

Through its specialist advisory groups, ZAA manages networks for over 500 zoo and aquarium specialists in fields such as wildlife research, veterinary science, environmental education and horticulture. These networks develop and share resources and develop Australasia-wide initiatives in wildlife conservation and environmental education. 

Capacity Building for Zoos and Aquariums

ZAA acts as a focal point for unifying the efforts of zoos and aquariums in contributing to wildlife conservation. ZAA publishes news, guidelines and management plans for zoos and aquariums. 

Through ZAA’s Accreditation Program, standards for the operation of conservation-focused zoos and aquariums have been developed and a program to assess zoos and aquariums, and assist members to implement these standards has been launched. 

Governance and Operations

ZAA is overseen by a Board elected by the members. ZAA’s headquarters are located in Sydney, Australia, hosted by Taronga Zoo, and the ZAA New Zealand Branch office is hosted by Auckland Zoo, New Zealand. 

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