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At Taronga, we believe that wildlife and people can share this planet.

If you believe this too, watch and share our video on our important message about being For the Wild.

Taronga's mantra - For the Wild

For the wild
For its future
And it’s one you may not have contemplated before
One where the world’s wild animals don’t simply
Slip off the face of the earth, never to be seen again…

They make a comeback.
See, we believe that humans and animals can live together on this planet. That we can share it.
That they can survive, and even thrive in the wild.
But until that day comes we will be right there working towards it.

As a home
A school
A sanctuary
A nursery
A dating service
The first line of defence
And the last resort.
We are defenders, champions and ambassadors of the wild
And we’re on a mission that is of such critical importance it can’t be allowed to fail.

Put simply: We can’t let it.

Taronga. For the wild.