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The publications on this page are freely available to download and relate to the strategic and operational managment of Taronga Conservation Society Australia and its two Zoos.

Strat Plan

Strategic Plan 2010-2015 

With 1.7 million visitors annually, consisting of local, interstate and international guests, Taronga might be seen predominantly as two zoos, caring for collections of native and exotic animals. However, it is so much more. In essence, the four main areas of our work cover:

  • Research projects for the conservation and management of species;
  • Breeding programs for the preservation of threatened species;
  • Education, awareness and behaviour change to support species conservation and habitat preservation;
  • Presentation of animals for environmental education and recreation purposes.

This strategic plan defines the long-term goal of the organisation (the vision), the unique role Taronga plays in the world of conservation (our role) and the way we will conduct our work (our values). 

Reconciliation Action Plan

Taronga has extended its commitment to Indigenous Australians by developing a Reconciliation Action Plan which can be downloaded here. Taronga recognises the rich contribution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures make to the diversity of the Australian community. We are committed to advancing reconciliation and ensuring the First Peoples of this nation are valued for their continuing care for Country, as well as conserving Australian wildlife over thousands of generations.

The RAP is a very practical way to consolidate our vision: Securing a shared future for wildlife and people, and it  sets bold goals for us to work towards in the coming years as we continue to embrace, respect, provide opportunities and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures across everything we do.

The RAP, launched in Sydney on May 23 and in Dubbo on June 1, coinciding with National Reconciliation Week, marks an exciting phase in the relationships between Taronga and it's local Indigenous communities. 

GIPA Disclosure Log 

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20 November 2012

Document outlining the current safety and handling procedure manual for elephant keepers

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13 December 2012

Document containing data extracted from a claims database (with private information excluded). The data is relevant to injuries claimed under WorkCover that occurred during staff interaction with animals and covering relevant claims from 1 July 2009 to 30 June 2012

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14 January 2013

Internal report of the circumstances of 19 October 2012 incident when an elephant keeper was injured.

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28 March 2013

Release of film footage related to incident on 8 February 2013 and the related internal incident report of keeper being bumped by giraffe

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Publication Guide

The Publication Guide for Taronga Conservation Society Australia is available to download here

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Register of government contracts

The GIPA Act requires government agencies to record and publish certain information about contracts with private sector bodies where the contract values is more than $150,000.

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Applications for Government Information Right to Access under the GIPA Act 2009.

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Taronga Zoo Noise Management Plan (NMP) Protocol

The Taronga Zoo Noise Management Plan (NMP) Protocol applies to all concerts and other outdoor events with sound amplification equipment held at Taronga Zoo, in particular the larger scale events held on the concert lawn. This document summarises Noise Management Plan procedures for staff and promoters to minimise disturbance of residents and other noise sensitive receivers from events with sound amplification held at Taronga Zoo.

Download the Taronga Zoo Noise Management Plan (NMP) Protocol