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Wildlife conservation starts in our homes, and with our own choices.
-By making a few small lifestyle changes, we can have a hugely positive impact on the oceans and the irreplaceable wildlife that calls them home.

With 71% of planet earth's surface covered by oceans, they are an essential life source. But sadly, almost 90% of the world’s fish stocks are depleted, overexploited or fished up to their limit. 

The good news is, it is still possible to enjoy a great meal, support fisheries and protect the future of our oceans. The blue Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) logo is the world's gold standard for sustainable, wild caught seafood.

But where can you buy MSC seafood? Follow the little blue fish....            

  • At Coles

At the deli: Banana Prawns & ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) certified Salmon

Frozen: A variety of Hoki, Whiting & Cod as fillets and fish fingers

Canned: John West Tuna & Alaskan Salmon  


  • At Woolworths

Frozen: A variety of Hoki, Whiting & Cod as fillets and fish fingers

Canned: John West Tuna and Alaskan Salmon  

  • At Ikea

Ikea Restaurant: MSC Hoki & ASC Salmon

Ikea Food Store: Frozen cold water shrimp & a variety of marinated herring in jars 


  • At Aldi

Canned: Mussels, Herring, Mackerel & Salmon

Frozen: Hoki, Pollock, Sole & Flounder


  • At Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo's catering partner EPICURE has secured the highest level of MSC certification for seafood sold at our food outlets.

The MSC Chain of Custody ensures that the seafood served at Taronga's restaurant has been fished in a way that is genuinely sustainable and fishstocks are able to replenish themselves. This is refelctive of our commitment to sustainable oceans and our vision of a future that is shared by both people and wildlife. 

Where to find MSC globally

The MSC is a worldwide certification program so check out the MSC’s product finder.

Can’t find MSC seafood?

If you’re unsure if MSC is available, ask you fishmonger or retailer! The more consumers that ask for sustainable products like MSC certified seafood, the more they end up on supermarket shelves.

If MSC isn’t available, the next best thing is locally sourced, fresh fish.

At Taronga, we believe that wildlife and people can share this planet. But right now, wildlife globally is under threat and they need your help more than ever. Find out more about how you can take action for our oceans here.