Something special about Africa touches the soul; an astonishing canvas upon which this continent's epic story is written. Africa is not only home to many of the world's most fascinating and iconic wildlife, but also some of the most endangered. The sweeping savannahs are unique, a place where large predators live alongside huge herds of grazing herbivores.

African wildlife is so diverse. Each animal has different physical and behavioural adaptations to help them survive in their home. Yet, human-wildlife conflict is a leading cause of the decline of wildlife populations and contraction of their space throughout Africa. We need to find a way for humans and wildlife to co-exist, and the solution may lie within communities.

Creators of Hope

Jimmy Sanders

Every day he works, he is an ambassador for African wildlife

Taronga’s Keepers are committed to making a difference to African Wildlife. "I love seeing people’s faces light up when they meet a Giraffe and know that they will remember it forever and have a greater appreciation for wildlife because of it."

Kenyan Ranger

Every step he makes, protects African wildlife

Taronga supports rangers in the Biliqo-Bulesa conservancy of the Northern Rangelands Trust in Kenya. These rangers are the frontline carrying out anti-poaching activities and wildlife monitoring.

Beads for Wildlife

Every bead she threads, helps her family and African Wildlife

Beadwork is a part of everyday life for the women in the conservancies of the Northern Rangelands Trust in Kenya. Our Beads for Wildlife campaign provides these women with a reliable income that doesn't impact African wildlife.

Beads for Wildlife
Beads for Wildlife

Act for the Wild