Taronga's Chimpanzee dates back over eight decades and has a complex family and political structure.
Good natured, very playful and is often the first to provide comfort and reconciliation to others in the group. Likes it interact with keepers and likes to get involved when males are displaying, often seen displaying himself. Enjoys his own company. Is the best looking chimp baby we have ever had in the group
Very family orientated chimp, often stays close to mum. Shows the same strong personality characteristics represented by her family. Often seen interacting with Sule in a dominating manner.
Only female infant. Confident individual. Enjoys high status due to family. A bit aloof from the other juveniles.
Only female infant. Confident individual. Enjoys high status due to family. A bit aloof from the other juveniles.
Very confident with his size when confronting females, however not confident against males. Appears to be playing both sides, supporting Lubutu and instigating play whilst still supporting his family when needed.
On the outside of the political power, but always looking for advancement and opportunity to dominate individuals. Often instigates altercations for this reason. Generally intolerant of the infants. Often bites off more than she can chew and then desperately solicits help from anyone. Often ignored. Very supportive of her daughter Kamili.
Independent, tough. On the outside of the main political power in the group but respectful due to her individual strength of character. A loner. She usually does not seek out the company of any of the group save her family. Very attentive to Sembi and will come to her aid immediately, putting herself in harms way.
Nervous and fearful when the subject of male dominance, suffers from campaign of intimidation from Lubutu and as a result a target for the younger males. Often becoming hysterical in response to it. Likes to be close to her mother Spitter for protection.
Excellent maternal behaviour, very family-orientated. Was previously an active political player but has suffered as a result of the intimidation of grandson, Sandali. Selectively interactive with keepers she knows. Sometimes spits accurately at keepers if frustrated. Will stand up for herself when being intimidated by younger males.