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How to Unpack a Rhino

Taronga Wild! Rhinos - the first of the lifesized sculptures arrive at the Zoo.

Rhinoceros 'Big'!

Taronga Wild! Rhinos - The first of the Rhinos arrived with warning labels: "Rhinoceros BIG!'

Unwrapping the Rhinos

Taronga Wild! Rhinos - It's not every day you unwrap a rhinoceros!

Life-sized Baby Fibreglass Rhino

Taronga Wild! Rhinos - The first to be unwrapped was the baby. It looked exactly like our recent new White Rhino Calf, but with smaller feet.

The Adult Rhino Being Unwrapped

Taronga Wild! Rhinos - A massive game of pass the parcel, so many layers of wrapping on the life-sized adult rhinoceros.

Adult Rhino Peaks from the Wrapping