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Bessie sleeping

Bessie Sleeping:
Rick: It’s just everybody’s grandmother having a sleep.

Chimp with an orange in it's mouth

Chimp with an orange in it's mouth
Rick: It's just a cheeky kid having an orange

Chimp lying on it's back

Chimpanzee Lying on its Back:
Rick: That pose is just so human.

Bessie and the carrot

Bessie and the Carrot:
Rick: I like the detail of her ear and the look. Old chimpanzees also make good pictures because of the character evident in them.

Chimp on the tree

Chimp on the Tree:
Rick: I like the Chimpanzee up the tree with the City in the background because it identifies where the chimps are and it’s just a great outlook. It’s like he’s saying ‘Hey, Look at me!”

Mother and Baby

Mother and Baby:
Rick: It’s just the comfort of a mother holding a baby.