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Leslie, Taronga Zoo's Andean Condor

Leslie, an Andean Condor, dwarfs our other birds with an impressive three meter wingspan. Native to South America.

Billy, Taronga Zoo's Brolga

Billy, a Brolga, has long legs to keep his feathers high and dry when wading through water.

Jasper, Taronga Zoo's Galah

Jojo and Jasper, our galahs, wow our audiences with their cheeky antics, demonstrating just how clever parrots can be.

Stellar, Taronga Zoo's Black Kite

Stellar, our Black Kite, soars high above the audience catching food with her feet and eating it in mid air.

Slammer, Taronga Zoo's Black Breasted Buzzard

Slammer, a Black Breasted Buzzard, demonstrates the fine art of emu egg opening.

Ripley the Barking Owl

Ripley the Barking Owl.

Tali, Noko and Korridge-Cup, Red-tailed Black Cockatoos

Tali, Noko and Korridge-Cup, Red-tailed Black Cockatoos, are a few of the noisy and colourful individuals that comprise our flock.