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Moreesha was found abandoned on the 4/6/2009 by a local police officer in Morawewa in eastern Sri Lanka.

She was reasonably healthy despite having numerous bruises and a deep wound with maggot infestation.

Moreesha has now fully healed and is settling into the routine at the Transit Home with the other orphaned and abandoned calves. She is fed a milk supplement every three hours and has plenty of time to explore the perimeter of the adjacent Udawalawe National Park. Exploring the surrounds of this National Park and feeding on the local grasses and trees will provide her with the necessary skills to adapt to a wild environment when released.

When she is 4 - 5 years of age and displays to veterinary staff from the Elephant Transit Home (ETH) that she has socially bonded to other calves also ready to be released, arrangements will be made for Moreesha and her group to be re-introduced to the wild habitat of Sri Lanka.