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The Elephants playing in the reservoir

Two orphaned elephant calves in Sri Lanka that Taronga has sponsored since 2009 were finally released into a national park, along with eight other orphans.

After more than five years in care, 8 year old female Moreesha and 8 ½ year old male Wakarei were taken by truck to the Udawalawe National Park in Southern Sri Lanka and released. They were all very curious to explore their new surrounds, eventually heading for water.

All 10 calves were originally victims of Human-Elephant conflict and war, but have been cared for at the Elephant Transit Home. Moreesha for example was found in 2009 by a local police officer, abandoned in Morawewa in eastern Sri Lanka.

Congratulations to Taronga elephant keeper Bradd who brought the project to the zoo and supported it throughout. The elephants will be monitored over time and eventually join larger herds in the Udawalawe National Park.