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Billy – Father (Right flipper band)

Billy arrived at the Taronga Wildlife Hospital with a wildlife carer as an adult in 2009 after being found sick and injured in shallow water at Anna Bay in the Port Stevens area, north of Sydney. He lost his right foot which was caught in fishing line, and the penguin could not be released.

Billy is known by keepers to be a great father to his chicks and even stole a female and nest from another male, Brook. Since Billy took over the nest with Drill they have remained a couple and have bred each season.


Drill – Mother (Left flipper band)

Drill hatched at Taronga Zoo in 2003 and currently lives with two of her chicks from previous breeding seasons. She is quite remarkable as the average life expectancy of Little Penguins is 6.5 years.

Drill has successfully raised 14 chicks since she began breeding.






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