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The Long-nosed Bandicoot was once common throughout Sydney. Now there are only a few isolated groups left in and around New South Wales’ capital city. The population of Long-nosed Bandicoots at North Head on Sydney’s Northern Beaches was once a stronghold for the species, but even this group is now listed as endangered.

Long-nosed Bandicoot

The main threats to the Long-nosed Bandicoot, like many other native species in urban areas, is habitat loss through development and attacks by cats, dogs and foxes.

Taronga Zoo is working with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service to develop and run the first recovery plan for a mammal species in an urban and natural context. The program aims to help the population by increasing protection for the bandicoot on both publicly-owned and freehold land and by decreasing threats while educating the community about these issues.

The role of Taronga Zoo is to provide veterinary expertise in the rehabilitation of injured bandicoots through the Taronga Wildlife Hospital. Taronga is also researching the development of an on-site breeding program for a breed-for-release inititive in the future.