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Congratulations for completing the Fish4Life Challenge! Your seafood choices will help make a difference to the sustainability and health of our oceans.

Keeper Nick with an Australian Sea-lion
Thank you for your support of sustainable seafood! Over the last 4 weeks you have been presented information about the state of the world’s oceans and fisheries, Sharks, Tuna, and Fishing Gear. You can be the expert now and share your knowledge with your friends and family, or even around the office lunch-table.

We hope that you also tried some new sustainable seafood options – and that you’ll eat them again in the future! (Who would have thought that sardines could taste so good!!!)

Remember, your choices do make a difference, and the more people who get on board this conservation issue, the easier it will be to make sustainable seafood easier to find and more accessible to everyone.

MOVIE – Elly, Marine Mammals Keeper, Taronga Zoo, talks about further actions


Footage Courtesy of Ovation Media has been sourced from the Documentary “The End of the Line”. Click here to find out more.Other photos and images are provided courtesy of the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) and Greenpeace. 

Where to from now?

Your participation in wildlife conservation issues doesn’t have to stop here! There are many actions you can take, and organisations you can join, and here are just a couple of suggestions:

Fish4Life AMCS logo
1. Learn more about Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) – Their website is full of really useful information, including a comprehensive sustainable fish choices guide, with a lot more detail about which fish to buy, and which ones to avoid. 

Click here to visit AMCS. 



2. Convince your friends and family to eat sustainable seafood. They might like to try the Fish4Life Challenge too! We’d love to know if you’re going to do this.

Click here if you are going to convince others.