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Conservation Partnership - African Wild Dogs

Taronga supports the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (CRU) to undertake the Ruaha Carnivore Project in Ruaha National Park (RNP), Tanzania. RNP supports the third largest population of African Wild Dogs and is only one of six populations that are likely to be viable long term. It is also home to globally important populations of Lion, Cheetah, Leopards, Spotted Hyena and supports over 10 000 African Elephants – the largest population in Tanzania.

There is intense human-carnivore conflict around Ruaha, which is now the main threat facing wild dogs and other carnivores. The conflict is driven by attacks upon livestock, a lack of awareness of kill identification or best practice livestock protection methods, and a lack of benefits to the local communities from carnivore presence.

The project Taronga supports includes the use of specialised livestock guarding dogs in the region to reduce attacks by wild dogs and community education and training programs to educate locals about carnivores, conservation and best practice livestock protection.