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Cross River Gorilla, Cameroon Image

Cross River National Park is the largest of three sites in Nigeria where gorillas are found with an estimated population of 25-50. Contiguous with Takamanda National Park in Cameroon the combined gorilla population of Cross River-Takamanda is estimated at 70-110 representing approximately one third of the total Cross River subspecies of gorilla and the most important site for their long-term survival.

Through Taronga support over the last 3 years, a ranger station has been built and ranger management plan developed in order to better protect all wildlife in this area. A total of 33 primary schools and 17 secondary schools around Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary and Cross River National Park have benefited from an education campaign. Activities implemented with the students included the development of compost stations for the production of manure for school vegetable gardens, the creation of tree nurseries and tree planting to rehabilitate degraded areas. Conservation education games and activities were implemented during regular school lessons such as the Cross River Gorilla Game printed with support from GRASP Australia and the Taronga Foundation. 30 copies of the game were printed in Douala (Cameroon) on heavy laminated sheets and sent to Calabar (Nigeria). Based on the traditional snakes and ladders game the gorilla game enables students to better understand factors that could lead to the extinction of the gorilla and ways in which they can be protected.