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Fijian Crested Iguana - Implementation of the IUCN Species Recovery Plan Image

Funding to implement the 2008 – 2012 IUCN Species Recovery Plan for the Fijian Crested Iguana was received by the National Trust for Fiji Islands in 2009. Dr Peter Harlow, senior author of the Recovery Plan, is on the steering committee to implement this Recovery Plan, and has made four trips to Fiji in 2010- 2011 to participate in planning meetings and National Trust staff training. In 2010 all 18 remaining Crested Iguanas on the island of Monuriki were captured and are being bred at Kula Eco Park in Fiji, while goats and Pacific rats are being eradicated from the island. Captive bred Monuriki iguanas will be re-introduced when forest regeneration is sufficiently advanced. Actions planned for 2011 include the translocation of Crested Iguanas from the Sanctuary Island of Yadua Taba to the iguana-free island of Namenalala. The forests on this Island were previously surveyed and the vegetation was found to be ideal for the herbivorous Crested Iguana. The 2009 Namenalala vegetation survey was funded by a Field Conservation Grant to Dr Peter Harlow from Taronga, and the funding to implement the Recovery Plan is from the Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund.